(31) Vortex - ICE
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The Vortex™ Ice Melt Applicator (ICE) is especially designed to apply bagged ice melt material to sidewalks, stairs, porches, gutters and rooftops. The Vortex™ ICE is painted for high visibility and is engineered for operation in cold weather.  Eliminating the labor of hand applying bagged ice melt, the Vortex™ ICE spreads material faster, more efficient and to more places than hand application. With the ability to propel material up to 30 feet, rooftops and gutters can have a complete coating of protection applied from the ground.

Stairs are simple using the Vortex™ ICE, throwing material from the top down, up to 40 feet and from the bottom up 30 feet. This application allows for major stairwells to be coated in seconds with one operator. 

The Vortex™ ICE can be used year round for ice melt, fertilizer, pre-emergent herbicides, insecticides, granular growth regulators and other granular materials. 

The Vortex ICE™ is designed to ship in one carton and assemble in minutes. Assembly is easy, attach the pre-wired handle, leg, brace, slide the wheels on and you are ready to apply material. 

This lightweight granular blower is maneuverable in small spaces and is powerful enough to handle large areas, also.

Key Features

  • All aluminum, high visibility powder coat painted frame
  • High visibility aluminum delivery manifold
  • High visibility blower and delivery hose
  • High wheel configuration. Wide wheel Base
  • All Stainless steel valve components
  • Fully enclosed material storage to prevent material from becoming wet
  • Non clogging Patented delivery system U.S. Patents #6,883,736, 7,080,961, 7,137,579, 7,337,992
  • Extension tubes included for longer delivery pattern
  • Unlimited maneuverabilit 
  • Easy clean-up with liquid soap and water
  • 5 foot long granular material delivery hose 
  • Lightweight hand held blower used for granular delivery and clean up
  • Up to 15 lbs. per minute material application rate
  • Fully adjustable valve for varied rate of material delivery
  • On / Off control at spreader handle.
  • Will apply bagged ice melt, mini prill, standard prill and large pellets
  • One person operation 
  • One carton shipping
  • Easy assembly
  • Item #: ICE

(31) Vortex - ICE

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