50 Or 100 Gallon 4 Wheel Nursery Cart Sprayer
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100 Gallon 4 Wheel Nursery Cart Sprayers
Look no further for the ideal nursery or greenhouse sprayer, This strong stable unit can easily be pulled by hand or maneuvered with equipment. The pivoting front axle makes getting around tight corners and storing in cramped areas a cinch. Built for the Professional Grower

Standard Features Include:
> Chemical Resistant Poly Tanks
> Udor Diaphragm Pumps
> Long Life, Easy Start Honda Engines
> Large Fill Wells with Vented Lids
> Suction Strainer with Stainless Mesh Screen
> Adjustable Pressure Regulator with Liquid Filled Gauge
> Vortex Jet Agitation to Keep Chemicals Mixed
> All Welded Aluminum Frame & Supports
> High Flotation 16x6.50-8 Tires, Pull Handle, Clevis Hitch               

Unit Features as Priced: 100 Gallon, 5.5 Honda, Kappa25 Pump (7gpm, 350psi), 150' of 3/8" Hose, Manual Hannay Hose Reel

Dimensions: 100 Gallon (62"L x 36"W x 52"H)

  • Item #: 74C100P40

(21) 100 Gallon 4 Wheel Nursery Cart Sprayer

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