Large Dual Tank Poly Skid Sprayer
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Dual-Tank Commercial Skid Units 
Standard Features Include:
> Chemical Resistant Poly Tanks

> Udor Diaphragm Pumps
> Long Life, Easy Start Honda Engines
> Large Fill Wells with Vented Lids
> Suction Strainer with Stainless Mesh Screen
> Adjustable Pressure Regulator with Liquid Filled Gauge
> Vortex Jet Agitation to Keep Chemicals Mixed
> EPA Air Gap Filler with Garden Hose Connection
> All Welded Aluminum Frame & Supports

Unit Features as Priced: 250/250 Gallon, 5.5 Honda, Udor Kappa40 (10gpm, 550psi), 150' of 3/8" Hose, Manual Hannay Hose Reel

  • Item #: 7S250x2P10

(16) Large Dual-Tank Poly Skid Sprayer

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